Higher sales

Connecting existing and newly build machines offers signficant growth potential – connectivity and digital integration supplement existing product benefits and enables new data driven services

Better products

Connectivity will become a mandatory functional characteristic for buying decisions. Resulting data about how the machine is used and its behaviour are the source for continous improvement of functions and quality.

Better service

Unplanned down time and repair slots can be reduced by monitoring and analysis of machines of similar type. Maintenance can be planned and executed according to actual usage and not based on a rigid schedule.

Satisfied customers

Pro-active customer support to prevent down time, achieving lower costs for warranties and function-preserving services for better machines with open connectivity for digital integration make customers successful.

Lead by knowledge

Measurability of actual usage and behaviour of the machine generates insights for future product development, service tasks and marketing opportunities resulting in continuous improvement and additional revenues.

Exclusive sales channels

Advertise and offer services, supplies and consumables exactly when they are needed via an user interface on the machine integrated into the customer's purchase process resulting in high customer retention.

New source of income

Additional digital services for users and owners of machines can increase the value. Business models and market structures will change by the use of digital transactions, providing growth and profit opportunities

More efficient employees

Service employees can solve more problems remotely and will be able to prepare on-site work reducing necessary efforts. Sales staff can communicate smarter and more dependent on the customers' requirements.

Lower costs

Lower quality assurance and warranty costs, service investment per installed machine. Marketing efforts for revenue from returning customers decrease while additional revenue from existing and new products and service will lead to a fast return on invest.

Are you talking to your machines? Do you know what they know?

Turn data into information and grasp the benefits!

Use Cases & Added Value

The connected car lift

Loss of pressure in the hydraulic cylinders and significant height differences between the two lift pillars trigger alerts of service partners.

Height differences can be leveled out via remote connections while root cause analysis can be performed by experts on historic data leading potentially to repair tasks and product enhancements.

Strict periodic maintenance cycles are replaced – the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, the number of lifting operations performed and the distance traveled indicate when maintenance is necessary.
Usage and outcome based payment models are based upon the distance traveled and duration of lifting operations.
Usage and outcome based payment models are based upon the distance traveled and duration of lifting operations.

Integration into the shop management software to record actual working and operating times and reason for interruption.

Successful projects, satisfied customers

Looking forward to great collaboration

The customers of NEXUS appreciate the constructive and open collaboration. Amongst the customers are mid-size companies as well as international corporation. We are happy to connect you to our existing customers as external reference.


Realized and validated within 100 days.

Internal process optimization and growth potentials drive the priorities for connectivity and extension of the product value based upon digital technologies & eco-system integration.

We as Nexus I·ON support and enable maker & manufacturer of industrial machinery, assets and devices by connecting and integrating your products into their digital environment

as initiator and sparring partner via:

  • Identification of potential value

  • Concept creation and prioritization of use cases

  • Derivation of a business case & definition of an IoT strategy

  • Selection of suitable platform for connectivity, use case development and integration

as IT-solutions provider via:

  • Connecting the device or machine

  • Concept creation, implementation and operation of the IoT application on leading cloud platforms

  • Integration into existing IT-landscape

  • Application of machine learning and artificial intelligence on incoming data streams