Scalable connectivity

Value-driven business model innovation through integration into digital environments

I·ON – Applied intelligence

The faster route to the value of technology

New software functionalities and architectures enable intelligent, automatized communication of machines and users.
We help you applying these technologies to scalable architectures.
Increase you value creation by digitizing it and transform your processes and business model with I·ON.

I·ON on all machines

We at NEXUS I·ON firmly believe that all machines and each device will get connected and integrated into their respective digital environments. We identify the business potential and put the connectivity into practice.

I·ON in digital interaction

Many everyday interactions and business tasks have been digitalized. Voice-based bots and chat bots will accelerate & automatize the exchange of information and creation of value-generating interactions. We automatize your processes with bots.

I·ON in reactions to information

Algorithms generate information from data by detecting correlations. Functions for processing that information in your business workflow are available for zero initial invest and very low cost per transaction. Let us implement them for you.

I·ON for scalable system architectures

Most functionalities have already been invented. We integrate and configure existing functions and encapsulate self-developed functionalities for reuse using only leading, scalable cloud-platforms.

I·ON for your margin and profit

Applying the leading functions can generate a competitive advantage. This advantage has to be positioned within your product- and service ranges, within your organization and in the minds of your stakeholders. We offer extensive support in this change.

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