Simply apply technology for future growth

Smarter business processes via connected assets and fully automated digital interaction

I·ON: Applying Intelligence – Achieving Growth

Digitalize and transform

Let us make the machinery, appliances and devices in the plants and hands of your customers intelligent.
Let us reduce waiting times and help customers and employees to find relevant information more intelligently and enable them to complete transactions faster and satisfied.
Let us transform the data generated by your machines and customer interaction into valuable information to make you react smarter automatically.

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I·ON: Intelligence connected

Kunden kaufen verbundene Produkte

Let us connect your machines and devices to those digital ecosystems in which they are already being developed, operated and maintained.
Let us transform your machines and devices into the first consultants for your customers and the best experts on your customers behaviours, wishes and expectations.
Let us create exclusive sales channels for services, supplies and consumables.

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All assets will get connected and smart

Digital integration drives product value

I·ON: Applying – not re-inventing – intelligence

functionally & technologically Superior

We exclusively use leading cloud platforms, because of their rapid growth in depth and breadth of their functions. They also offer the highest standards of guaranteed security and performance.
First we combine existing functions and will extend these directly in the cloud systems in order to minimize the required efforts and the time-to-value during implementation and operation.
Thereby we achieve a high level of scalability for your growth and make sure the system stays expandable while the standardization of functions and the technological enhancement of the cloud platforms progresses.

Turn on intelligence!

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